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It’s official: we are in the post-truth era

You may have suspected it from the shenanigans during the US election and Brexit. Now it’s been confirmed by Oxford Dictionaries. We’re officially living in the post-truth era. ‘Post-truth’ has been declared the 2016 international word of the year by the venerable dictionary. Oxford Dictionaries believes the expression ‘post-truth’ was first used in 1992. But the frequency of its usage increased by 2,000% in […]

Thanks, Leonard Cohen – for the songs and the lessons

After an acrimonious US election campaign when so many words were used by all sides to say so little, let’s celebrate a man who had the ability to use a very few words to say so much. For fifty years, Leonard Cohen’s poetry and songs have been the inspiration and the solace for those seeking to understand life, love and faith. From ‘Travelling Light’ […]

Don’t let your words come back to haunt you

Witches and wizards cast spells. They speak their words aloud, and their words work their magic. Depending on the whim of the witch, a spell could unite lovers or drive them apart, wound a rival or heal an injury. As speakers and presenters, we cast spells with our words too. Words are more than the simple message they carry. Words are sounds with vibrations […]

Authenticity? How about sincerity, honesty, empathy?

Authenticity. It’s often held up as the holy grail for speakers, presenters, politicians, writers – anyone who seeks to persuade others with their words. “Oh, I really felt her authenticity,” you hear people say. Or “Wow, I really felt I knew him, he was so authentic.” But what is this magical quality called authenticity? And are we right to prize it so highly? The […]

How is YOUR message being heard?

Did you take Donald Trump literally? Or did you take him seriously? It’s a question that offers an interesting perspective on the result of the US election. And it should give any speakers and presenters cause for pause – to assess how messages are heard by audiences. The question was posed by Peter Thiel, billionaire Silicon Valley entrepreneur, co-founder of PayPal and self-proclaimed Trump […]

How to look good on webinars and video

Planning on shooting a video for your web site, webinar or for social media? Doing a lot of Skype or online tele-conference sessions? Take a tip from a former television producer: focus on the face. If the focus of the video or tele-conference is you and your message, eliminate distractions from the frame. That means no lamps growing out of your head, no vases […]

She wins, he wins… who loses?

Hillary Clinton won the first debate. Her Republican challenger Donald Trump had to do better in the second debate, to save his floundering campaign. In the end analysts judged it pretty well a draw – which was as good as a win for Trump. But as the presidential candidates vie to be winners, they are leaving one loser in their wake… one very big […]

Bridging helps you control an interview

Occasionally, in a media interview, you get a question that takes you straight to your preferred, high-level message. But more often than not you will need to re-phrase or re-frame a question in order to answer it effectively. The question may be off-topic or may not lend itself to a succinct answer in line with your communication objectives. This is where the technique of […]

Trump v Clinton: our debate scorecard

The first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have gripped you, disgusted you, fascinated you or left you speechless. Eighty four million people watched it. Podium watched, too. We evaluated the performance of the two candidates according to our ‘Three Languages of Communication’. BODY LANGUAGE – It’s the first language. It speaks the loudest, often before a speaker says even one word. It’s the first […]

Voice exercises are vital for speakers

After a four week vacation one year, my first job back was a full day workshop. Towards the end, my voice cracked, wavered and almost died. I was panicking. Am I going to lose my voice in front of this important client? I didn’t… but the experience taught me an important lesson: don’t neglect your voice exercises. As a speaker, your voice is your […]

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