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Podium Communications Blog

Vital tools for refining your key message

There’s one simple key to a successful speech, presentation or media interview: have something to say. Does that sound too obvious? Well, you’d be surprised how many presentations and interviews sink without trace because the speaker hadn’t really figured out the key message she or he wanted the audience to take away with them. Be crystal clear about what you are trying to tell […]

5 ways to write better copy

Looking for ways to get more traction for your messages? Here are five tips to help you write better copy that really connects with your audience. 1  Be sure you really know your audience What do they want from you? What are their problems? What do their want to hear? You need to write from your audience’s perspective, rather than your own. You may want […]

Don’t hold back: speak from the heart

A lot is said about connecting to your audience when you speak. But how exactly do you do that? For me, it’s all about speaking straight from the heart. First, your message has to come from your own heart. Is it true to your values? Is it something you care deeply about? Is it something you will always defend? You must believe in your […]

How to write a ‘thank you’ speech

Thanks to all those people who voted two of our blogs into the top ten guest articles in the Work Better, Not Harder Newsletter. One of the Podium blogs that made the Top Ten was a set of tips on how to make a ‘thank you’ speech. Every year we see the best and the worst thank you speeches at awards ceremonies, like the […]

Rehearse your magic soundbites

Do you need to give a media interview? Deliver your important message in a radio or television soundbite? Condense your thoughts into six or seven seconds? That’s the reality facing many of the people I work with. They’ve done something remarkable. They’ve caught the attention of the media; now they face the daunting reality of delivering complex ideas in 25 words or less (the […]

Focus on benefits for your audience

We choose how we speak, to whom we speak and where we speak. But the greatest decision has to be the why. It’s doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking in a boardroom, in a classroom or on stage. You want your words, ideas, thoughts to mean something, to make a difference. “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to […]

Be like Bowie: embrace ch-ch-ch-changes

Are you planning any ch-ch-ch-changes in 2016? Are you willing to turn and face the strange? If those phrases are familiar to you, you were almost certainly one of the millions of people saddened this week by the death of music giant David Bowie. Bowie’s music – like his life – was extraordinary: bold, imaginative, restless, hard to categorize. And anyone who speaks or […]

How much do you give away?

You are running a business. You are doing OK. And you are wondering if it’s really worth investing time and money to capitalize on the potential market everyone says is waiting out there online. After all, you have a Facebook page, a LinkedIn presence, and you Tweet occasionally. You know some people who talk about uploading videos to Periscope – but you wonder about […]

Tips from Chicken Soup superstar

If you want to be a better speaker and presenter, here are four tips that will help you: Make people laugh more and you’ll help them remember more. Information alone is not transformational – and you want to transform people. Passion is what moves people. Imagination is more powerful that cognitive thought. The source of these four tips is Jack Canfield – and he […]

Could you change the world?

How special do you need to be to change the world? Not very, it seems. Take the case of Travis Price. Travis was a high school student in rural Nova Scotia when he started something that has rippled round the world. Travis and his friend David Shepard saw a school mate being bullied – because he was wearing a pink shirt. So they went […]

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