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Jack Canfield event open to public

Here’s a great growth opportunity for yourself and your business. Jack Canfield, one of the world’s foremost authors, speakers and coaches, is coming to Halifax, NS, for one day only – December 5, 2015. Canfield is co-author of the inspirational ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’ series of books. Time magazine called the books ‘the publishing phenomenon of the decade’. Canfield then wrote another world-wide […]

What’s your authentic speaking voice?

They say ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’. And in many cases it is. But not when you’re speaking in public. Too often we imitate the wrong people. We all grow up watching presentations. So we assume that’s the way they should be done. But what happens when we imitate all those other presentations? We sound like everyone else. We use the same […]

Hold that pause until it hurts

If you want to be a better presenter and speaker, try pausing more. The pause is a powerful communication tool. It can emphasize what went before; it can draw attention to what follows; it gives the audience time to enjoy and absorb your message; and it gives you control over your breathing – so you feel more at ease. If you are wondering how […]

Presentation skills tip from Einstein

Improve your presentation skills with this tip from Albert Einstein. Even with all his amazing brain power, there was something the 20th century genius admitted he had trouble with… writing. Einstein once said “I am the acoustic type. I learn by ear and give by word. Writing is difficult.” Yet his letters were easy to read in their original German – because he wrote […]

Sunny ways to speaking success

“Sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways.”  That’s how Justin Trudeau, Canada’s incoming Prime Minister, began the English portion of his election night victory speech. The man who surprised many with his poise during a gruelling 78 day election campaign, picked a surprising phrase to open his victory speech. But it was totally in keeping with the ‘positive politics’ style of his Liberal Party campaign. Speaking […]

Blue Jays’ ace helps speakers

Like millions of other Canadians, we’ve been cheering the Blue Jays in their post-season pursuit of baseball glory. It’s often the home run hitters who get the headlines. But it’s the pitchers we’ve been watching… because of what they can teach speakers and presenters. Speakers can learn from baseball pitchers? You bet they can. Let us explain. What does any winning pitcher need? A laser-sharp […]

Four tips to upgrade speaking skills

A few simple strategies can improve your ability to deliver a winning speech or presentation. And your audience will thank you by hanging on every word. If you want to upgrade your speaking skills, here are four points to remember: 1 – Focus your message. What’s the one big idea you want the audience to hear and understand? Define your key message in 20 […]

Four keys to winning speeches

At the heart of all Podium Coaching sessions is something we call our Communication Mantra. It’s really simple (like all the best communications). If you want to make winning speeches, remember these four key points: Have something to say. Believe in it. Say it simply. Shut up. Have something to say. Really focus your ideas. Don’t try to cover too much ground. Pick two […]

Body language: a lesson from Kevin Spacey

For years Kevin Spacey has been making a big impression with his acting skills: he’s won awards for, among other work, The Usual Suspects, American Beauty and House of Cards. But did you know he also makes an impression – with his impressions. He’s a gifted mimic. And if you are a speaker or presenter, you can learn a lot from him. Check out […]

Science validates our TalkitOut system

So here’s the deal. Writing is unnatural. Reading is unnatural. Speaking is natural. Unless there are strong physiological or psychological reasons, all human beings will learn to speak as they grow up, simply by hanging around other humans – like mom and dad. But mom and dad and other influencers have to teach us how to read and write. We need to learn symbols, an […]

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