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A good speech starts with a good introduction

Don’t let a well-intentioned ‘introducer’ sabotage your presentation or speech. Many of us have experienced that sinking feeling as we listen to the person whose job it is to introduce us to our audience. Either the introducer is droning through pages of biographical details, or he/she is promising a fascinating lecture about something you have not included in your plans. Early in my speaking […]

Take care telling a personal story in public

How personal should your story be in your speech or presentation? At Podium, we have always promoted storytelling as a vital part of presentations and speeches. We all know your story should be relevant to your topic. It should have some meaning or lesson for the audience. It should be yours not someone else’s. And that means that often the story is personal. But […]

How to win in a soundbite world

How much can you say in 25 words? If you are asked to do a radio or television interview, you’d better figure out how well you can express a big thought in a few words. The average soundbite in a recorded interview is about 7 seconds. And most people speak between 21 and 25 words in 7 seconds. In our media training workshops, we […]

Don’t buy-in to reporters’ negative questions

An old song included the lines ‘Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, and latch on to the affirmative…’. That’s great advice for anyone doing a media interview. Reporters are trained to ask challenging questions. CBC veteran Linden MacIntyre described his approach to interviews as ‘skeptical inquiry’. So here is a great tip for people facing negative or challenging questions: don’t get tangled up in […]

Humour in speeches takes a lot of preparation

Humour in speeches and presentations can be like juggling a live hand grenade. It can blow up in your face real fast. Ron Tite is a master when it comes to using humour. He was named one of the Top 10 Creative Canadians by Marketing Magazine. He’s worked in marketing, advertising, branding and comedy. He trained with Toronto’s legendary Second City improv comedy club. […]

Data-heavy presentations can be fun

If you’ve read many of our blogs you may think we at Podium Coaching are against slides that are packed with words or numbers. And we are, because in our experience many (if not most) presentations built around bullet points, bar charts and histograms are boring. But that does not mean we are against data. Data matters. It’s about life and death, about wealth […]

Finding your voice: beware of imposters

How’s your voice? Not your singing-in-the-shower voice. I’m thinking of voice as the vocal expression of the real you. I mean the way you share with audiences, in speeches and presentations, your personality. Before an audience forms an opinion of your message, they form an opinion of you. Before they decide on your content they have already drawn some conclusions based on how you […]

Presentations and speeches can learn from movies

How do you set about building dynamite presentations and speeches? There’s no absolute template, thank heavens. If there was, all speeches would sound the same. But a few things are proven to engage audiences and get them marching to your drum. And that, I’m pretty sure, is what you want. Presentations and speeches are like movies and books. Or at least they should be. […]

Stuck in a rut? Time for a reboot

A few days ago I was having a drink with a dear friend, Will Purchase. The conversation was about goals, both personal and professional. Will had been talking about how he made a bold leap in his life, totally changing just about every aspect of it. I, on the other hand, was still agonizing about my ambitions and priorities. This was not just about […]

Story: the good drug that wins audiences

Want to win an audience? Tell them a story. Tell a story early, and tell a story often. You will raise the engagement level of your audience, and you will increase the chances your audience will understand, remember and act on your message. If you are a regular reader of this newsletter or you’ve enjoyed a Podium Coaching workshop, you will know our mantra […]

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