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How to make a ‘thank you’ speech

What makes a great ‘thank you’ speech? Once a year we see the best and the worse ‘thank you’ speeches, courtesy of the Oscars. We can learn a lot from these. Here are Podium’s tips to make your thank you speech memorable: Don’t prepare your remarks in silence. Talk them out before you write them out. That way you will sound more natural, more authentic. […]

How to captivate an audience

What makes a speaker, or a speech, memorable? How do you captivate an audience and hold them from beginning to end? There are as many answers to these questions as there are speakers. And that’s good – because it gives the rest of us options. For Martin Latulippe the answer is to engage the magic of ‘heart power’. Latulippe is one of the most […]

Audience participation helps make a point

Audience participation is an important part of effective speeches and presentations. Let’s face it, your audience is more likely to remember your message if they are actively engaged throughout the session. You don’t want them passively sitting back, arms folded and brains in neutral. So how do you encourage audience participation? You certainly need confident and polished presentation skills. You definitely should have a […]

Lessons from anchor’s chopper whopper

Brian Williams’ embarrassment over his ‘chopper whopper’ is yet further evidence of the basic media relations principle: when you find yourself in a hole – stop digging. Like so many similar scandals, it’s the wriggling to get off the hook that causes as much grief as getting hooked in the first place. Brian Williams is an American television news anchor. He is the face […]

Tips to help you structure a speech

This is part three of our series on how to plan a speech or presentation. In the first article we looked at defining your focus, your big idea. The focus is the key message you want to lodge in the minds of your audience. In the second article we looked at the importance of storytelling, and finding your relevant stories. Stories turn facts into […]

Smart questions help your public speaking

The ability to ask good questions is essential to anyone who wants to make a success of public speaking. Let’s face it, if you want to get a reputation for insightful presentations and engaging keynotes, you must have insights to share and engaging information to offer. Your information is dependent on your research. And your research depends on your ability to ask smart questions. Good […]

Explore all angles as your write a speech

The tourist lifted his camera and walked towards the statue. He peered through the viewfinder, shook his head and turned on his heels. “Impossible,” I heard him tell his companion. “The sun is wrong.” I’d been sitting in the shadow of the statue, on the waterfront in a Mexican fishing village. As I reflected on the frustration of the photographer it struck me that […]

Invisible keynote speaker challenges pros

Does a speaker always need to be centre-stage? Apparently not. At least, not if you’re Paul Bridle. Bridle, a Brit who describes himself as a ‘leadership methodologist’, was one of the main stage speakers at the Toronto convention of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. And he delivered his entire keynote from off-stage. The only time he appeared in front of the audience was […]

Quick way to better presentation skills

Did you know that Google has developed an algorithm that will ‘translate’ a picture into words. Using it’s Neural Image Caption Generator, Google can automatically generate picture captions that accurately describe the content of images. For speakers, though, it’s still the reverse process that makes messages memorable: turn your words into images for a quick way to upgrade your presentation skills. If you’re delivering […]

Do you have klout?

The first thing you notice about Gina Carr is her brilliant smile. Next you discover her social media brilliance. Gina was named to Brand Quarterly’s ’50 over 50 Marketing Thought Leaders’ List of 2014′. She’s full of great advice on using social media successfully. I attended one of her workshops recently. Here are a few of the nuggets I came away with: Go to […]

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