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Ready to become soundbite salsa?

You’ve suddenly become a newsmaker. You’ve done something out of the ordinary… published a book, launched an initiative, circumnavigated the world in a zinc bath tub. Reporters want to interview you. Are you ready to become the salsa on the nacho chip of their narrative? Seriously. It’s not my phrase. It comes from a journalism school’s advice to young broadcasters. It’s from a document […]

Why ‘fake news’ label threatens us all

Fake news is a problem. But it’s not as bad a problem as the way the label ‘fake news’ is being used by US president-elect Donald Trump and his team. Fake news is made-up news. And we are seeing more of it. It’s manipulated to resemble real journalism, often posted on sites that sound like news organizations. Boston Leader, Civic Tribune and (not […]

Job One for speakers: engage your audience

Life made Vincent Poscente a brilliant speaker. He had intimations of mortality when a good friend died in high school. And later a fortune-teller told Vince he would die by age 40. So Vince got busy, compiling his bucket list. Ironically, being a sought-after motivational speaker wasn’t on that list. Winning a gold medal for speed skiing at the Olympic Games was on Vince’s […]

Speaking superstar shares presentation tips

Patricia Fripp is a legend in the speaking business. More than 30 years as an executive speech coach and presentation skills expert. Plus, she’s a Hall of Fame keynote speaker in the American Speakers’ Association. Attending her presentation skills workshop at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers’ convention was like drinking from the source. I want to share a couple of her presentation tips… […]

How the delete key can improve your writing

The best tool for a writer is the delete key. Cut, cut and cut again. We all overwrite. That’s what first drafts are for. The problems start when we accept a first draft as the finished product. The minute we fall in love with our writing, we are in trouble. Sometimes we just need to stop and think – ‘what am I trying to […]

Turn your mess into your message

Can you turn your mess into your message? That was the question keynoter Judy Carter posed to professional speakers at the Edmonton convention of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. Judy was making a great point. She was telling us that our messes, our life crises, and the way we cope with and overcome them can be more than just a turning point in […]

Free yourself from the quest for balance

Still struggling to find balance in your life? What would happen if you stopped trying so hard? Dan Thurmon believes that if you relax a little, you might actually find the balance that’s been eluding you. I met Dan last week. He was holding a couple of very sharp axes, and was perched on a unicycle that was taller than me. Dan Thurmon was […]

Engage with emotion, convince with facts

How are you on the high wire? Every speech or presentation is a tightrope act… a feat of balance. No, not the balance between lighter moment and heavier content, or between high octane presentation and a more intimate delivery. I’m talking about the balance between your appeal to logic and your appeal to emotion. For your arguments to be persuasive, logic and emotion have […]

A tip for speakers – from musicians and artists

Are you putting enough ‘nothing’ in your speeches and presentations? The ability to work with ‘nothing’ is a critical element of your success as a speaker. The same principle applies in music and in graphic design, and for comedians and actors. For speakers, the nothing we’re talking about is silence. A large part of the communication happens in the pauses between words and sentences. […]

It’s official: we are in the post-truth era

You may have suspected it from the shenanigans during the US election and Brexit. Now it’s been confirmed by Oxford Dictionaries. We’re officially living in the post-truth era. ‘Post-truth’ has been declared the 2016 international word of the year by the venerable dictionary. Oxford Dictionaries believes the expression ‘post-truth’ was first used in 1992. But the frequency of its usage increased by 2,000% in […]

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