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Speaking in public: cut the chit-chat

If you’re a rock star, you get to have a warm-up act before you perform. If you’re speaking in public, chances are you won’t have a warm-up act to get the audience fired up and ready to receive your message. It’ll be just you on that big stage or in front of the boardroom skeptics. And that can be intimidating. There’s a natural tendency to […]

Good media skills require a good ear

If you want to polish up your media skills, start with your listening skills. Of course you need to focus your message to a short soundbite. Sure you need to figure out your supporting messages. And yes, it helps to have a few short stories ready to reinforce your key thoughts. But from my experience as a former journalist and current media skills trainer, […]

Good posture helps improve your presentations

Here’s a quick tip to help you improve your presentations: improve your posture. As speakers we need to pay attention to our posture. Comportment is important. The way you present yourself to the audience signals you’re confident and in control. The audience senses this, relaxes and is apt to pay more attention. And that leads to buy-in into your message, your product or yourself. […]

Speaking in public: release your voice

Sooner or later you will have to speak in public. It could be a business presentation, a wedding toast, retirement tribute or a vote of thanks to your kid’s Pee Wee soccer team. These public speaking occasions, to some degree, terrify a lot of people. They’d rather die – they will tell you – than speak in public. And yet they’ve spent their lives speaking […]

Take stress out of talking to the media

Talking to the media isn’t as difficult as some people would have you believe. Even as I write that I can hear the contrary point of view… reporters are out to trip you up, they misquote you, they take you out of context. But I believe the interviewee who is well-prepared has nothing to worry about. Let me explain. Talking to the media (without […]

Be more conversational when you write

If you are wondering how you can be more conversational in your writing, here’s a tip. Think of someone you care about, and write to them. If you’ve attended any of our workshops, read our books or downloaded any free resources from our store, you’ll be familiar with ‘Hi Mom’. When we’re working with a client who is struggling with stiff and formal language, […]

Three keys to fear-free public speaking

Why is public speaking such an ordeal for so many people? There are probably as many reasons as there are people terrified of speaking in public. But for me, it boils down to 3 reasons: process, words and attitude. Process: Too often we create our speeches and presentations by writing them out first. We think of sentences in silence and write them down in […]

Tell a story, and make your message stick

If you want a three-word guide to better communications, it’s this: tell a story. It’s a sure-fire way to make your message memorable. Story is the glue that makes facts memorable. It’s duct-tape for data. It’s as easy to use as duct-tape, and it’s just as powerful. If you want to get all neuro-techie about this, I could point you to research about the […]

How to make a ‘thank you’ speech

What makes a great ‘thank you’ speech? Once a year we see the best and the worse ‘thank you’ speeches, courtesy of the Oscars. We can learn a lot from these. Here are Podium’s tips to make your thank you speech memorable: Don’t prepare your remarks in silence. Talk them out before you write them out. That way you will sound more natural, more authentic. […]

How to captivate an audience

What makes a speaker, or a speech, memorable? How do you captivate an audience and hold them from beginning to end? There are as many answers to these questions as there are speakers. And that’s good – because it gives the rest of us options. For Martin Latulippe the answer is to engage the magic of ‘heart power’. Latulippe is one of the most […]

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