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Explore all angles as your write a speech

The tourist lifted his camera and walked towards the statue. He peered through the viewfinder, shook his head and turned on his heels. “Impossible,” I heard him tell his companion. “The sun is wrong.” I’d been sitting in the shadow of the statue, on the waterfront in a Mexican fishing village. As I reflected on the frustration of the photographer it struck me that […]

Invisible keynote speaker challenges pros

Does a speaker always need to be centre-stage? Apparently not. At least, not if you’re Paul Bridle. Bridle, a Brit who describes himself as a ‘leadership methodologist’, was one of the main stage speakers at the Toronto convention of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. And he delivered his entire keynote from off-stage. The only time he appeared in front of the audience was […]

Quick way to better presentation skills

Did you know that Google has developed an algorithm that will ‘translate’ a picture into words. Using it’s Neural Image Caption Generator, Google can automatically generate picture captions that accurately describe the content of images. For speakers, though, it’s still the reverse process that makes messages memorable: turn your words into images for a quick way to upgrade your presentation skills. If you’re delivering […]

Do you have klout?

The first thing you notice about Gina Carr is her brilliant smile. Next you discover her social media brilliance. Gina was named to Brand Quarterly’s ’50 over 50 Marketing Thought Leaders’ List of 2014′. She’s full of great advice on using social media successfully. I attended one of her workshops recently. Here are a few of the nuggets I came away with: Go to […]

How to plan a speech (2)

What are the stories you can tell that will help the audience connect with your speech – and remember it as they leave your meeting or auditorium? There’s a saying in the speech-making business: facts tell but stories sell. In other words, we need facts to prove our arguments, but on their own facts can be dry and forgettable. But we remember stories. That’s […]

How to prepare a speech (1)

Over the next few weeks on this Blog we’ll give you the step-by-step building blocks to creating a dynamite speech or presentation. We start today by asking you to consider one fundamental question: what’s the big take-away for your audience? As the audience leaves the room after hearing you, what’s the one big idea you want them to be thinking about and talking about? This […]

Make money with your presentation skills

So you like giving speeches. You’ve polished your presentation skills. Now you want to make money speaking professionally. How do you do it? I got three great tips from three experts at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) convention. It all boils down to positioning, product and process. Joe Calloway has been speaking professionally for over 30 years. Kris Young is vice president […]

When ‘sorry’ should be media relations message

Organizations and their media relations advisors don’t like saying ‘sorry’. They worry it’s an admission of responsibility with potentially expensive repercussions. But sometimes ‘sorry’ is the right thing to say. Let me give you an example, with a timeline to emphasize how appropriate an apology would have been in this case. 2.30 pm – a game of rugby football kicks off at Morriston Rugby […]

Are you getting the most from your mobile?

What advice did people in Tunisia give the protesting citizens of Ferguson, Missouri? How to get rid of tear gas in their eyes. How did they do it? Through their smartphones. In our digitally connected world, anyone with a smartphone can connect to just about anyone else, anywhere around the globe. According to tech guru, Terry Brock, the key to building relationships in business […]

A Fawlty tip to improve your writing

If you want to make your next presentation or speech better, try making it shorter. Editing – bold, brave, brutal editing – is an essential part of the creative process. Challenging every word is a big part of our presentation skills and media skills courses. If you only have a sound bite of four or five seconds to deliver a message, you can’t afford […]

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