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Podium Communications Blog

Tips to kick-start your copywriting project

Need to write a few words to promote a product or service? Lost for words? Suffering a case of ‘writer’s block’? Here are a few tips that might kick-start your creativity when writing any form of marketing copy or news release. (If you find these tips helpful, you can find a whole lot more in our free 26 page White Paper on Tighter, Brighter […]

Preparing presentations needs to be noisy

In our Talkitout Presentation Skills courses we insist that the key to authentic speeches is using words that slide easily off the tongue. Sounds obvious – but from our experience that’s not the way most people prepare for a speech or presentation. Most speeches and presentations are prepared in silence. The author sits hunched over a keyboard, staring at a blank screen, praying for […]

How to be the star of your podcasts and webinars

If you’re doing a podcast or webinar, you might want to take a lesson or two from Stuart McLean. McLean has a show on CBC radio called The Vinyl Cafe. In it, the popular author and humorist delights listeners with stories of everyday life in small-town Canada. McLean reads his stories in front of a live audience. Later they’re played on the radio or […]

Join the crusade to save the Walking Dead Presenters

Think that ghouls and ghosts and the long-dead only rise from their graves on Halloween? Think again. You may have seen one of these troubled souls recently. Perhaps at work, when you sat through a presentation. I’m talking about the Walking Dead Presenters. The Walking Dead Presenter is wooden. He stumbles gracelessly from one sentence to another. He hangs his head and avoids eye […]

Shouldn’t you be smarter than your phone?

Texting and emailing from smart phones has become a preferred method of communication for many. It’s fast. It can be done anywhere, anytime. It’s perfect for our digital age… or is it? Your smart phone is not as smart as you. Sure, your texts and emails get people’s attention. You can have a lot of followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. But how many of […]

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