Be a great speaker. Our coaching will
boost your career and confidence.

Whatever your reason for enhancing your public speaking skills, we can help.

EBooks by Podium Coaching

Our e-book TalkItOut: From Fears to Cheers will change your life: “I went from an awkward person who never thought he could speak publicly, to someone who feels confident to speak in front of any crowd.”

Videos by Podium Coaching 

Our coaching is transformational: “The best leadership investment I have ever made,” said one client. And now you can learn at your own pace in your own home with our coaching video.

See for yourself: some of our clients have generously agreed to show how their presentation styles changed after just one coaching session with Halina. The before and afters speak for themselves.

What we believe: a message from Podium founder Halina St James

We believe that everyone has the capacity to be a compelling speaker.

We believe that everyone can find a way to relieve the stress of speaking in public – once they find their authentic voice.

And we believe that our TalkitOut Technique can liberate that true voice, ease the stress and deliver powerful, effective speeches and presentations.

Why do we believe this? Because we see it happen – over and over again. We see it every time we deliver a workshop or coaching session. We see smiles – and tears – of joy, from people who had allowed themselves to believe they couldn’t do it.

And we hear it and read it in feedback comments like these: changed my life… gave me the courage to be honest and tell my story… a breakthrough… a real eye-opener… made me a much better speaker in a large way… made a grey-haired, middle-aged white guy come out of his shell and not bore everyone.

Welcome to Podium Coaching. Check us out. Look at the before-and-after videos from real coaching sessions. Download some of the free resources you’ll find here and in our Blog posts. If you want to improve your speaking skills, we believe you’ll find the solutions right here.

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