A CEO’s quest for a better way of speaking

Once a upon a time there was a CEO. He had to make a speech to some very important and influential people. So he hired a speech writer.

The minute he looked at the speech, he knew he was in big trouble. He knew that with the script he’d been given he wouldn’t be able to achieve the change he wanted. He wouldn’t have the impact he wanted. He wouldn’t be perceived the way he wanted to be perceived.

He said: “We have to find a better way of doing this.” So he hired a presentation coach who knew how to do things differently; who showed him how to rework his speech quickly and easily; who captured his authentic voice; and helped him make a real impact with lasting results.

The coach had shown the CEO not only how to change his speech but when the CEO delivered the speech, he realized that something had also changed in him. Not only did he feel different – his audience perceived him as authentic and heartfelt. The CEO knew he had touched the soul of his audience. He knew things would never be the same.

Soon after, he made another speech and the same thing happened. He touched the soul of his audience again – and was perceived the way he wanted to be – all because he used a simple technique.

I was the coach who had the good fortune to be able to work with this very aware and open CEO. I showed him my TalkitOut Technique, and it really helped bring out his authentic self in a way that touched the hearts and minds of others.

You can see some of the amazing transformations achieved by real clients using the TalkitOut Technique on this website. You can experience it yourself through my Presentations Masterclass online course – 21 videos that will teach you everything you need to transform your speaking and presenting skills.

Speaking is not simply about the words you say. It’s about the intentions and convictions behind those words, and about the tone, style and pace at which you deliver them. 

Words by themselves can be a barrier to comprehension just as easily as they can facilitate understanding. Once you are able to change your approach, like my friend the CEO, you will speak clearly and happily for the rest of your life.