Neil Everton

Writer, Journalist & Author

Neil Everton brings a lifetime’s international experience with some of the top news organizations in the world to his media skills workshops.

His media training sessions provide the tools for people to understand how to talk to the media effectively. His workshops show how to create compelling media messages, how to anticipate trouble, and how to deal confidently with any media interview.

His career in journalism got him into a few scrapes, and a lot of countries. The biggest scrape was in Afghanistan. He and his BBC team were arrested at gunpoint by Russian soldiers and held on suspicion of spying. Afghanistan was one of 29 countries Neil worked in as senior foreign news producer for the BBC.

He was covering the first Gulf War in Baghdad, Jordan and Israel when he met CBC producer Halina St James. They married in 1991 and moved to Canada where they continued to work as journalists and journalism trainers, until they set up Podium Media & Communications Coaching.

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