Are people seeing a different ‘you’ because of Covid?

We have Covid hair, Covid nails, Covid beards. We have Covid houses, prone to be messy as the weeks of lockdown tick by and homes turn into offices and classrooms and gyms.

Many of us work from home now, if we’re lucky enough to still have a job. We spend a lot of time in comfy clothes or PJ’s. After all, we are entitled to relax in our our personal spaces.

But what happens when our personal space becomes a public space, as we communicate virtually with our clients, teams or peers.

Suddenly people are interested in what’s behind us in the Zoom call. They’re checking out our furniture, and the family photos. They’re looking at what we’re wearing. They’re looking at who else wanders accidentally into our camera’s field of view. And they’re looking at how we react to that interruption (see picture).

This is all a good thing. We are showing ourselves in a real, authentic way we may not have done before. Come on, admit it, we all tend to have a corporate face, a corporate tone, to go with our corporate suit.

Covid has forced us into being ourselves. It shows the human face behind the corporate mask. A child’s doll tucked into a bookcase say more about the hard-nosed CEO than a thousand words.

From what I hear and see, we are giving each other a lot of leeway during this pandemic. We understand the pressures and stresses it imposes on everyone.

We are building, or reinforcing, relationships based on compassion.

We are learning that in this new world, being yourself is enough.