Slow and steady wins the networking race

Networking tips from Michael Hughes

How do you network when you can’t leave the house? Michael Hughes knows how. Michael Hughes is North America’s undisputed networking guru. For over 25 years he’s taught executives and professionals how to accelerate their careers and businesses through networking. On a CAPS Atlantic Zoom call he shared valuable tips on networking for success without leaving home or …

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Are you a victim of Zoom fatigue?

We have remedies for Zoom fatigue

Has Zoom fatigue set in yet? If it has, don’t worry; you are not alone. A lot of people are reporting feeling unnaturally tired or stressed after a video-conference session, whether it’s Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype. Instances of people being exhausted after a video call are not just anecdotal. “There’s a lot of research that …

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Is this the speech a nation has been waiting for?

Joe Biden's speech

It’s been described as pitch perfect, a great speech, and ‘what a president sounds like’ when addressing a national crisis. But it didn’t come from the President. Former vice-president Joe Biden, the presumptive challenger to Donald Trump in November, delivered a highly-acclaimed speech today aimed at starting the healing process in the US after the …

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Why you should treat your Zoom calls ‘like a date’

Making the best if Zoom calls

If you’ve been a top-flight sports broadcaster for ten years, a little thing like a Zoom video conference shouldn’t be a problem. And so it proved, when Doug MacLean was guest speaker at a Canadian Association of Professional Speakers event this week. Doug (pictured) shared tips and told stories for 90 minutes, even though it …

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Creativity blossoms amid Covid crisis

Quinn's creativity helps health workers

Creativity is a silver lining during this dreadful pandemic. Just look at the impromptu musical performances from balconies in Italy and France, or the speed with which virtual concerts were put together to support front line workers, or the Zoom-coordinated ballet performances, or kids and parents (and pets) starring in home-made videos. And that creativity …

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Hope is not a strategy: time to plan for new ‘normal’

Planning for life post-Covid

How are you adapting your business life to Covid-19? Are you thriving? Or surviving? Life in lockdown is giving us all time to think. As you plan how your business model will look, post-Covid, I want to share some ideas from a recent Zoom meeting of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. I had the …

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