Rehearsal is key to a relaxed, confident presentation

Jobs would rehearse over and over again

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. The more you rehearse before your presentation or speech, the better you’ll be. Rehearse out loud. Rehearse in front of your colleagues, family, friends or the bathroom mirror. Video yourself. Rehearsing makes you confident and comfortable. Think of any presenter you admire for their cool, commanding presence on stage. You can guarantee …

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Try a little passion in the workplace

If you don’t have passion with purpose, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you don’t grow. If you don’t grow, you become irrelevant. Passion motivates you to action, to take charge. But you have to clearly define your goal, the purpose for your passion. Learning how to authentically communicate your passion is a big part of our presentation skills training for people who want to upgrade their public speaking skills.

Captain Fantastic sets standard for airline announcements

by Halina St James From time to time I’ve criticised airline announcements – both the content and the delivery. So I’m very happy today to be able to hand out a bouquet – to US Airways flight 1937 from Hartford to Philadelphia. We were all on board, strapped in and ready to fly when there …

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Quick tips to overcome stage fright when speaking in public

how to make successful team presentations

Here are my tips for anyone who suffers stage fright when speaking in public. Take a deep breath. Walk slowly up to the lectern. Put your papers down, if you have any. Pause. Look at the audience. Don’t say a word. Let yourself feel that energy coming from them. Settle your own energy field. Then begin to speak. Better to have a few seconds of silence than a painful start to your presentation that you, and your audience, will never forget.