Building trust as a speaker and presenter

Before you even step out on the stage to speak, you’ve already passed a lot of trust tests.  Much of it is based on your reputation, which is a backwards view of what you’ve already done. Trust is the ability to be open and vulnerable based on positive expectations of what is yet to come. 

If you want to be trusted, follow my 5 commandments for building trust. 

Those 5 commandments are:

  • Caring
  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Competence
  • Communication

Caring – Show you care by being more concerned about the audience’s experience then your own ego. Leave the complaints of the long flight, the sleep deprivation and your many and varied accomplishments out of the talk. It’s not about you.

What will you tell them that will make their life easier, richer, happier or more focused? 

Commitment – “Do what you said you would do.” That means showing up on time, delivering what you said you’d deliver and finishing on time. If you commit to sending the audience something after your talk, do it in a timely fashion. 

Consistency – Consistent messages create trust. Make sure your message is consistent from start to finish. Check for any incongruencies. Are your stories consistent with the message you want to share?

Competence –How can you prove your competence? Are you successful at what you tell others to do? Know your topic so well, that if a curve ball is thrown, you can catch it and wing it back.

Communication – Talk to the crowd as if you were talking to a friend. Connect emotionally and be human. Use stories to illustrate your point. Start strong and finish strong with stories and connections that communicate your expertise.

The role and importance of trust cannot be underrated. Understanding what’s involved in building trust will fuel your success and help accelerate your career.