How to captivate an audience

What makes a speaker, or a speech, memorable? How do you captivate an audience and hold them from beginning to end? There are as many answers to these questions as there are speakers. And that’s good – because it gives the rest of us options.

For Martin Latulippe the answer is to engage the magic of ‘heart power’. Latulippe is one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve seen. He is a whirlwind of infectious and passionate energy on stage, all the while delivering serious content.

When he spoke recently to the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers annual convention in Toronto, he talked about ‘bottom line strategies’ versus ‘heart strategies’.

For Latulippe, it’s the heart strategy that is most important if you truly want to captivate an audience. If you put your heart before your mission and your purpose, it will affect your bottom line in a very positive way.

What he means is, engage your passion when you speak. What is it that makes you so passionate about your product, vision or message that you will speak from the heart?

Find the answer to that simple question and you will engage and captivate an audience – whether you are talking about the making of widgets or the meaning of life.

Martin Latulippe believes your heart will help you captivate an audience
Martin Latulippe with Halina St James

As Latulippe says, people will go to you for content… but they will stay for connection. And that connection makes you and your speech memorable.

At Podium we believe that passion – heart power according to Latulippe – is the magic that will transform any speech or presentation.