Why nation’s Covid-19 message fails its people

why 'stay alert' messaging fails

It’s surely no coincidence that two of the governments having most difficulty bringing Covid-19 infections under control are governments with disastrous communications strategies. Both the UK and the US governments were slow off the mark, and both struggled to find a message that resonated with citizens. After an initial period of denial, the US government …

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Creativity blossoms amid Covid crisis

Quinn's creativity helps health workers

Creativity is a silver lining during this dreadful pandemic. Just look at the impromptu musical performances from balconies in Italy and France, or the speed with which virtual concerts were put together to support front line workers, or the Zoom-coordinated ballet performances, or kids and parents (and pets) starring in home-made videos. And that creativity …

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Hope is not a strategy: time to plan for new ‘normal’

Planning for life post-Covid

How are you adapting your business life to Covid-19? Are you thriving? Or surviving? Life in lockdown is giving us all time to think. As you plan how your business model will look, post-Covid, I want to share some ideas from a recent Zoom meeting of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. I had the …

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Wildfires in Oz: fund-raiser with a difference

If you’ve seen any of those horrific pictures from the wildfire disaster in Australia, you may have wondered ‘what can I do to help?’ Here’s something you could consider… something a little different from simply donating a few dollars to an appeal fund. Speak Out for Australia is a fund-raiser with a difference. The difference …

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Well-chosen stories can help you clinch that new job

stories will help you succeed in job interviews

If your job involves makings speeches or presentations, you probably know how stories help get your message across. But did you know stories are also a great way of winning a job in the first place? Telling short, relevant stories is a great way of delivering the key points of your CV in an interesting …

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