Time to banish bullet points

Bullet points don't work

Looking for a great way of making your slide presentations stand out from the crowd? Try dumping all those bullet points. A whole lot of research into how the brain works suggests that bulleted lists of information on slides is the least-effective way of communicating with your audience. Dr Richard Mayer, an educational psychologist in …

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How to be successful in the global market-place

make an effort to understand diversity

Understanding diversity is important. If you don’t, when you’re dealing with another culture, you can cause all kinds of communication headaches. So what should you do when you’re about to do business with someone in another country? Here are some basic tips to help avoid conversational misunderstandings: Research the culture of the other party. Know …

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What is your body language saying about you?

use stories to engage an audience

The most powerful way we communicate is not with our words but our body. Body language, or non-verbal communication, is your repertoire of gestures, facial expressions, body position and eye movements. Our brains evaluate all these things and come to a conclusion about the speaker in a nano-second. When you speak, you want your body …

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Speakers’ convention packed a punch

You’d never think a Speakers’ Convention could be dangerous. Well – as you can see from my picture, it was. I came home from the CAPS convention in Montreal looking like a boxer with a big fat blue lip.

We were dancing up a storm at the final dinner. Kristen Arnold, the president of the National Speakers’ Association in the USA, was next to me.

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Are your words cleared for takeoff?

Something rare happened on an Air Canada flight the other day. I was returning from a conference in Toronto to raise money for a Women’s Leadership Centre in Africa (see earlier blog). A lot of people were milling around the departure area when a disembodied voice announced a gate change. Not unusual, I hear you …

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Phil Davison: when a speech becomes a screech

Phil Davison had his 15 minutes of fame. He’s become a YouTube sensation. The internet is buzzing with opinions on his speech to the Stark County Republican Party’s executive committee. Davison was seeking the nomination to run as treasurer for the county. By the way, he didn’t get it. Watch his speech. You’ll see why.


People are saying he’s unhinged, deranged, a laughing stock and a lunatic. Unbelievably, some actually said they liked the speech.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a hoax. To say he was over the top is the understatement of the year. This wasn’t a speech. It was a screech – delivered with operatic hysteria.

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