12 tips to make your videos stand out from the crowd

by Halina St James It’s never been easier to make a video for your website. But a video can be the easiest way to lose credibility – if it isn’t done properly. Some very creative friends of ours are Tracy Bennett and her partner Julian Gibbs of Firefly Digital Media. I had the pleasure of …

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Quick tips to overcome stage fright when speaking in public

how to make successful team presentations

Here are my tips for anyone who suffers stage fright when speaking in public. Take a deep breath. Walk slowly up to the lectern. Put your papers down, if you have any. Pause. Look at the audience. Don’t say a word. Let yourself feel that energy coming from them. Settle your own energy field. Then begin to speak. Better to have a few seconds of silence than a painful start to your presentation that you, and your audience, will never forget.

Make sure technical glitches don’t ruin your dynamite presentation

by Halina St James “There are three roads to ruin; women, gambling and technicians. The most pleasant is with women, the quickest is with gambling, but the surest is with technicians.” Georges Pompidou, Former Prime Minister and President of France I was once on a double bill with another professional speaker. I was speaking after …

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This month we are offering tips on how journalists formulate those ‘tricky questions’ – and how you can deal with them. You can download a Briefing Sheet, which we’ve just added to our Resources Page.

But if you are not likely to find yourself talking to reporters, you can quickly skip to the article on how to keep speeches and presentations from running off the rails. If a presentation loses its way, it’s usually because we try to cram in too much information. The remedy is to clearly define the ‘controlling idea’.

Don’t be a hostage to a careless introduction

Your introduction as a public speaker or presenter is too important to leave to chance. When you are sitting down to figure out how to write a speech or build a presentation, start by crafting an introduction. It will raise the whole speech to a higher level.

Kill your objectives, save your audience

hook your audience with your opening words

When you are thinking about how to build a PowerPoint presentation, change it up a little. Just like a speech, you should begin your slide presentation with a great hook. Grab the audience’s attention. Excite them. Make them learn forward and engage with you. Show them they’re in for an interesting session.

Tips to help you build better team presentations

tips for team presentations

When a group presentation works well, the members of the team support each other. So the fear of speaking public is decreased. Individuals can relax, knowing the success or failure of the presentation doesn’t rest wholly on their shoulders. However, if a group presentation is not planned and rehearsed well, you run the risk of failure.