Pauses make you a better presenter – in any language

Don’t scorch through a presentation like you’re trying to get out of a burning building. Slow down. Pause for breath after every big thought and every sentence. You build in a comprehension gap for the audience. And by filling your lungs regularly you have more control over your breathing. That means more control over pacing and emphasis – all the good things that help you connect with the audience.

Speech-writing tips for dictators on the run

Recently we posted a blog packed with tips for people who have to write speeches for others to deliver. If you found that helpful, you might like this sideways look at the business of speech-writing. Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi (above) is on the run. He’s still broadcasting defiant messages, but they are uncharacteristically bland. That …

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Handy tips for speechwriters

The role of the speechwriter is to motivate, inspire and reach an audience – through someone else. It’s takes a special skill to be able to make sure both the speaker and the audience are happy. The first important step is to know your speaker. Here are some tips to help you.

How to make your message memorable

Want people to remember your speeches and presentations? Get into the emotional transportation business. That’s the advice of master-storyteller Peter Guber, in a fascinating profile in the business section of the Globe and Mail (July 23rd). People, he says, are not naturally built to absorb raw data. But if you coat information in a compelling …

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How to avoid common slide show mistakes

how to make more interesting slides

A few weeks ago I saw the world’s worst PowerPoint slide presentation. The memory of those cluttered slides was still rattling round in my brain when it came time to make my monthly contribution to the webinar run by the International Institute for Business Analysis. And guess what the subject was: effective PowerPoints. It seems …

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Podium helps Toastmasters celebrate anniversary

Congratulations to the members of the Sears-Halifax Toastmasters’ Club, who celebrated their 55th anniversary at the weekend. Podium’s Neil Everton was honoured to be keynote speaker, talking about how the TalkitOut™ Technique creates better speakers. He talked about the importance of speaking the script out loud, before you write it out. Here’s part of his …

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