Chance to upgrade newsletter writing skills

by Neil Everton

Do your newsletters have the impact you desire? The decision to read or junk your promotional material can be taken in the blinking of an eye.

Why not give your words a work-out? Make sure they’re earning their keep. Join me and newsletter specialist Linda Daley for a free lunch-and-learn session in Halifax, NS on April 17th.

I’ll be sharing my top tips for:

  • clearing clutter from your writing
  • creating memorable messages
  • engaging your readers quickly
  • holding them to the last word

Linda’s company Daley Progress helps people harness the marketing power of e-newsletters. If you value the impact of newsletters, you may be interested to read what Investment Executive wrote about her approach.

Click here for more details and registration.

UPDATE: This lunch-and-learn session is now over-subscribed. We have a waiting list and we’re considering running a second session. 

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