Covid-19: turn a negative into a positive

We are all experiencing a new normal as we deal with the Covid-19 virus. I want to share a couple of thoughts and suggestions.

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First of all take care of yourself and your loved ones. This is such a dangerous virus, and it’s really bad if you’re older with pre-existing health conditions.

Next, take care of your community. Check on friends and neighbours. They might need help getting groceries and medications.

Practice social distancing. Especially if you’re a hugger like me.

And add a little space in the grocery store check-out line-up. It could save you a lot of grief afterwards.

There’s no vaccine. There’s no treatment for Covid-19. All we can do is keep washing our hands. The virus hates soap and water.

In this new ‘normal’, many of us will have time on our hands. What do we do?

Well… read a book. I’m reading Lady Clementine, by Marie Benedict. It’s a fictionalized biography of Winston Churchill’s wife. I’m loving it.

Learn a new language online. We’re hooked on Duolingo for that.

And even if you’re self-isolating you can still go for a walk in the sunshine. It’ll make you feel better. Exercise is so important right now.

And now’s a great time to upgrade your skills or learn something new. There are so many courses available online.

Our passion, of course, is Presentations Masterclass to upgrade your speaking skills.

But whatever you choose, there’s a great selection online.

So while so many of us are at home now, turn a negative

into a positive by learning something new.

And one last thought. Keep smiling. Find something to make you laugh: videos, movies, whatever.

We will get through this together. Stay safe everyone.