Do you deliver on the fine words?

I was at my favourite coffee shop, sitting at a long table, when two women sat next to me. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. It was all about self improvement…  doing the right thing, mindfulness, meditation, and journaling so they could be better people.

As they were leaving, one women said to the other, “you’re going to help a lot people.” I soon learned ‘helping a lot of people’ didn’t include the staff of the coffee shop. The women left without picking up their dirty cups. They left them on the table, even though there was a dirty-dishes bin nearby and other customers were using it. 

Given their conversation, I was surprised by their action. They talked the talk, but definitely did not walk the walk. This contradiction tarnished their credibility.

As speakers do we walk our walk or just talk our talk? If we don’t do what we speak about, we run the risk of tarnishing our credibility. This is especially true if we’re motivational, inspirational speakers.

But it rings true for all speakers.

For us to get buy-in into our vision, product, service, message, we have to be credible. Are we honest examples of what we are preaching and teaching? 

Nobody is perfect, and we all fall off the wagon now and then. If we do, we’d better get back on quickly. Our reputation depends on it.

So talk your talk, but make sure you walk the walk as well. You just might learn from yourself.