Do you have the right mindset for an interview?

Whether you are facing a media interview, or just about any interview for that matter, here’s one way to improve your chances of success.

Instead of going in with a mindset of ‘answering’, switch your mindset to ‘messaging’. 

First of all, consider why you are doing the interview. It’s because you have something to say that people need to hear. 

If your mindset is ‘answer’, your responses will meet the needs of the person asking the questions. You are working to someone else’s agenda. 

But switch your mindset to ‘messaging’ and your responses should meet your needs. You are on your agenda. 

Changing your mindset is a strategic move that gives you much more control over what you  say and how you say it.

I’m not saying ignore the questions. Just listen to them really carefully, listening for the opportunity to get to your message. Some of the questions will simply open the door to what you want to say. That’s great. Walk straight through that open door.

But some of the questions may be less helpful. They may be unclear. They may be misinformed. They may be loaded with false assumptions. They may be out to lead you in a direction you don’t want to go. 

Don’t worry. In each question there’s usually a word, or a phrase, or a thought, that you can grab hold of and build an answer around that suits your messaging needs. 

Treat every question as a springboard to your message. 

“The media only report stupid or careless answers, not stupid or unfair questions.”

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