Don’t just TELL your story – LIVE your story

Halina St James with inspirational speaker Chad Hymas
Halina St James with inspirational speaker Chad Hymas at the CAPS convention

Halina St James, founder of Podium Coaching and creator of the TalkitOut Technique for great speeches and presentations, reports from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers’ annual convention in Winnipeg.

The Wall Street Journal says Chad Hymas is one of the 10 most inspirational speakers in the world. And he surely is.

It’s not just because of his story of breaking his neck, being paralyzed from the chest down and rebuilding his life and dreams. There have been others in similar situations.

It’s not just because of the content of his speech to the Canadian Association of Professional Speaker’s convention – ‘Who Needs Legs When You Have a Community of Speakers to Fly With’.

He told us to be guides for each other; to remember it’s not what you do on the platform as a speaker that gives you credibility but what you do when no one is looking.

He told us to focus on what we have, and not on what we lost. He asked us to be positive. To find people to advocate for us and to be advocates for others by going out of our way to make positive contributions.

Others have delivered similar messages.

What makes Chad so profoundly inspirational is his pure passion. When he speaks he doesn’t tell us a story, he lives it. His emotion is raw. And when he makes his teaching point, he parks his wheelchair in the centre of the stage, looks at us and delivers his words straight into our hearts without any pity for himself or us.

His message can’t be ignored. His message – and his life – is an inspiration for all of us to rise and do what’s right… simply because it’s the right thing to do.

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