Download free chapters of new presentation and media skills books

These are exciting times at Podium Coaching. We’re eagerly awaiting the delivery of our new books from the printer. For a year now we’ve been revising, updating and expanding the books that accompany our presentation skills and media skills training sessions.TalkitOut: From Fears to Cheers and Media Mastery

This is what the new books look like, thanks to designer John van der Woude in British Columbia. We’ve had a very creative collaboration with John, from the moment we sent him our manuscripts and a brief that asked for cover and interior design that was ‘more vodka martini than a tropical cocktail with a paper umbrella’.

The books were printed at the Friesens Corporation plant in Altona, Manitoba. It’s one of the top printing companies in North America. In 2000 it’s presses were buzzing as it produced 400,000 copies of the blockbuster Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Our print run is a little more modest – but figuring out how many to print is a lottery. We started small with the original TalkitOut book, and finished up with three printings.

The first TalkitOut book was a pocket-sized, spiral bound offering. The new version – TalkitOut: From Fears to Cheers is a bigger, 192 page, perfect-bound paperback.

“Making a presentation shouldn’t turn you into a stressed-out wreck,” says author and TalkitOut creator Halina St James. “Trouble is, most people start with the wrong tools. They sit in silence and peck away at a keyboard, trying to create a wonderful speech or presentation. That’s not the way to do it. That process works fine if you are writing an essay. But it’s completely wrong for a speech or presentation people will listen to.”

To make this a double celebration, we’ve rewritten and expanded our book on dealing with the media. Media Mastery is packed with tips on creating a powerful message, and delivering it even when the questioning is hostile. If you are nervous about being interviewed by reporters, or afraid of being taking out of context, this book is for you. It’s a no-nonsense guide to surviving in a soundbite culture.

The books should be delivered in the next 48 hours. As soon as we get them we’ll make them available in our online store. The books will cost $20 and the e-books $10. If you want to see why we’re so excited, you can download a complete chapter of each book, free. Sample either (or both) of the new books. We think you’ll like what you see.

Download a chapter of TalkitOut: from Fears to Cheers.

Download a chapter of Media Mastery: Talking to the Press without the Stress.

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