End of the line for news releases?

How do you get your story out to the media? For years the favourite route has been through a news release. Catchy headline, lead, quote, description, contact details. A formula, but heck – it works. At least it did, before Social Media.

But now at least one organization thinks the news release is dead. Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia says it’s dumping the conventional press release from its media relations strategy.

Dalhousie says the news release is ‘predictable’ and has been sidelined by changes in the way we communicate.

The Globe and Mail had some fun with the story, pointing out that Dalhousie announced the demise of the news release – in a news release.

Not a news release, says Dalhousie media advisor Charles Crosby… although he admits the email to a long media list had a ‘release-like feel’ about it.

At Podium, we’re not ready to write off the news release yet. It’s a tool – just one of the many we urge clients to consider when planning a media strategy.

What do you think? Tell us the most effective tools you are using for getting information to the media.

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