Energy: an essential tool for speakers

Someone once said “energy is everything.” And it is. Without energy, we are lifeless. Our speeches and presentations are boring.

Energy is an invisible, magical cloak enveloping us. Nobody can see it, but they can feel it. It’s magical because it attracts things. Positive energy attracts success and other good things. Negative energy attracts problems, stagnation.

As a speaker, you have to be aware of your own energy and your audience’s energy. You do this with what I call your ‘gutometer’ – your gut-feeling, intuition, second-sense.

You should aim to generate positive energy when you speak, no matter the subject. When you do that, you will influence the audience at a deep emotional level. You will connect with them, and that will help them remember your message.

The onus is on you to maintain positive energy when you speak. Here’s what you can do:

  • Be really prepared. Rehearse your speech or presentation so you’re not worried about forgetting anything. Then you can be in touch with the energy in the room.
  • Research your audience well. What are their worries? What would they likely be feeling right now? How can you help?
  • When you first get in front of them, pause a second. Engage your ‘gutometer.’ Is there an aura of apprehension because you may be delivering bad news. Is there excitement? Is there a sense of boredom? Feel the energy and adjust your energy and speech.
  • We all have varying degrees of adrenaline just before we speak. Think of it as  good energy to make you alert and focused, not as a bad case of nerves.
  • Cultivate positive energy through mindfulness, meditation, good works, positive thoughts.
  • Get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet. Don’t be a party animal the night before a big speech. Your body needs fuel so it’s ready to go with a tank full of positive energy.
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