Four tips to enhance your next presentation or speech

A few simple strategies can improve your ability to deliver a winning speech or presentation. And your audience will thank you by hanging on every word:

1 – Focus your message. What’s the one big idea you want the audience to hear and understand? Define your key message in 20 words or less.

2 – Create an interesting ‘hook’. From your first words you want your audience leaning forward in eager anticipation.

3 – Tell stories. Stories are how we turn facts into memories.

4 – Lift your head. Make eye contact. Identify friendly, interested faces and speak to them.

And remember you are talking to your audience, not reading at them. That’s at the heart of our TalkitOuttechnique for public speaking.

If you’d like to see a short video of how the technique helps even experienced speakers improve speaking skills, check the Presentation Skills page of our website.

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