Fresh from the farm – our new website

We’ve just re-launched our website (as those of you who get our newsletter will know). We wanted to keep the look of the old site. But we wanted to make it easier for visitors to find solutions to problems. (After all, it’s no fun going through life thinking you’d rather die than speak in public. Or missing great opportunities because you’re intimidated by the media).

We wanted to provide more free tools and resources. And we wanted to integrate this Blog.

So we met two men in a coffee shop in Chester, NS. The meeting was suggested by our wonderful business guru, Debi Hartlen MacDonald, who told us ‘you need the guys from The Media Farm.

That’s how we met Peter (who is great at websites and not so great at home renovations) and Chris (a Brit who came to his senses and moved to Nova Scotia two years ago).

They set up The Media Farm in 2009, operating out of the beautiful port town of Lunenburg. They design a site for nothing (as in free). And they provide hosting and support for 50 bucks a month.

We’d love you to check out our new site: have a look at the short videos of remarkable transformations achieved by our clients in just one session. If you visit our Resources Page, you can download a White Paper on Critical Communications, or an audio recording of an entire workshop in Presentation Skills. Both absolutely free. And all fresh from the farm.

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