Get out of that chair – and live

If you get our newsletter you’ll know our core presentation skills training is called TalkitOut™. It will make you life easier – but it won’t guarantee a longer life. For that you need to get out of that office chair and WalkitOut. The Orlando (Fla) Sentinel reports that people who sit more than six hours a day are more likely to die earlier than those who take regular breaks. And the September issue of Men’s Health has more sobering news for desk jockeys: sit too long at a desk and your body takes on the shape of the chair. Your butt muscles stop working hard, causing back pain. And your pelvis tips, pushing your belly out (even if it’s flab-free). Your hip flexors shorten, so you don’t walk as tall as you used to. That hunch to your shoulders becomes the norm, and so does the accompanying stiff neck.

Since none of us wants to die or look like a chair, let’s commit to getting up from behind the desk as often as possible. Every little helps. Just standing to take a phone call gives your body a break. So to look better, feel better and live longer – WalkitOut. By the way, if you don’t get our newsletter – there’s a signup form on this page. It’s full of free advice on how to be a better speaker, presenter, interviewee and writer.