Are you getting the most from your mobile?

What advice did people in Tunisia give the protesting citizens of Ferguson, Missouri? How to get rid of tear gas in their eyes. How did they do it? Through their smartphones.

In our digitally connected world, anyone with a smartphone can connect to just about anyone else, anywhere around the globe.

According to tech guru, Terry Brock, the key to building relationships in business – or personally – is using the power of mobile computing to achieve the maximum, most intimate connection. Terry is excited about the ability to go beyond the standard email or text message; he wants to be able to put his face and his work in front of his client, anytime, anywhere.

To prove his point, Brock sent a short video and blog to his clients from a Starbucks coffee shop in Las Vegas while waiting to catch a plane. He was using his MacBook Pro, a Verizon personal hotspot and iPhone earbuds.

Halina with social media marketing expert Terry Brock at the CAPS convention in Toronto
Halina with social media marketing expert Terry Brock at the CAPS convention in Toronto

Brock says business is about relationships – establishing them and maintaining them. And technology helps us touch people. According to Brock, video will be absolutely essential in the coming years to keep us connected to clients, friends and family.

He recommends Eyejot an easy way to send video emails and Gloopt App for iPhone and iPad. Gloopt helps you send short videos.

Technology has a sneaky way of enslaving us if we’re not careful. But if we’re smart we can really power-up our productivity, eliminate wasted moments, and develop closer relationships with business clients.

For example, if you are planning a presentation or speech and find you have some time on your hands, why not fire up your computer’s camera and ad-lib a few lines. It’s a great way of applying what we teach in our TalkitOut presentation skills courses… get the words out of your mouth before you write them down.

If you’ve not discovered the power of TalkitOut yet and are still writing your presentations out in silence, try your script out in private before attempting it in public.

Call up your script, start your camera, and see how the words feel and sound coming out of your lips for the first time. I’m confident that on playback you’ll discover some phrases that are hard to say and some sentences that are way too long to be performed comfortably.

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