Give a little extra with your next presentation

This is the season of giving and gratitude. As a speaker, consider giving your audience a bonus. It can be done, even with very technical speeches and presentations. And everybody loves something extra.

Professional speakers sometimes offer discounts on books or courses. Or give a short workshop in addition to their speech.

If you’re not a professional speaker you still could offer a tutorial on your subject. Have a sign-up list at the end of you presentation so you can contact people later.

You could consider providing value-added information in the form of a hand-out or an email. Or make yourself available for a one-on-one session. It all depends on your content and message, and the number of people in the audience.

Finally express gratitude. Tell the audience what speaking to them meant to you. Tell they you’re grateful for their time because that is the most precious gift anyone can give.

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Happy Holidays. We look forward to serving you in 2019.