Hats off to the Typo Vigilantes

A big thumbs-up from all of us at Podium Media & Communications Coaching to Jeff Deck and Ben Herson. These two 30 year-olds have a mission: to rid America of mis-spelled, badly punctuated signs. Signs like the one advertising ‘pregnacy’ testing. Or the one that urged visitors to Atlanta to take home a ‘souviner’. So Jeff and Ben set out on a three month trip, armed with marker pens and correction fluid: they took an ‘n’ out of ‘dinning room’; they added a ‘p’ to ‘shiping’; they took the surplus apostrophe out of camera’s. It wasn’t easy. They were threatened with violence as they tried to fix a sign on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. And they were arrested for fixing a typo on an official sign in the Grand Canyon. A judge fined them $3000.

Jeff and Ben say they’re not pedants. They simply believe public displays of bad spelling and grammar create a poor impression of the community and the organization being promoted. That’s certainly how we feel at Podium. Often the way we write says more about us than what we actually say.
So thanks, Jeff and Ben. If you want to know more about their trip, they’ve written a book called The Great Typo Hunt.