How tight do you write? Take our test

How much clutter is creeping into your writing, or your speeches, or your Keynote and PowerPoint slides? In our writing workshops we invite participants to strip redundant words out of this sentence:

He said that the cut backs in the health care field had placed hospitals in a crisis situation.

Try it. If you can’t strip out at least seven words (without changing meaning or attribution) you are not as clutter-conscious as you could be. (Our flab-free version is at the bottom of this article).

Can you strip 40 per cent of the words out of your sentences without losing the meaning? Probably not. But you can definitely say goodbye to some slackers.

That quick test was one of the great tips in the October edition of the Podium Coaching newsletter. It’s packed with tools and techniques for all communicators.

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Here’s our clutter-free version of the flabby sentence about health care:

He said cuts in health care placed hospitals in crisis.

Strip out the clutter and you’ll be delighted at how much stronger you are as a writer, speaker or presenter.




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