How to add sparkle to your podcasts

The other day I was helping one of my clients, NSAR, prepare presentations for podcasts for their website. We videoed first in their boardroom, against a pale green wall. The videos were okay.

Then I took them outside and videoed each person in a lovely natural setting with trees, grass and sun. What a difference. Their presentations sparkled.

Each person relaxed and spoke with more confidence in their own true voice. So the tip here is, look for an interesting setting for your podcasts. It will make your presentations more natural – and be more interesting for the viewers.

One of the presenters was Roger Boutilier, who has been with NSAR for 7 years. He had just been appointed Executive Officer. So he started his video by removing an over-the-top hat and putting on a baseball cap. His line was ‘I’m throwing out my old hat and putting on a new one’.

To make sure he was comfortable saying his lines and changing hats, we rehearsed a lot. If you’re going to use a prop, make sure you use it naturally. Then rehearse until you feel comfortable.

When you’re shooting a podcast, keep the shot fairly tight – head and shoulders or slightly wider framing to include mid chest. Remember the video will be played on a computer, so it will be small to begin with. Eliminate waste space around the edge of the frame.

A big mistake many people make when shooting a podcast is to use the built-in camera microphone. This never gives really good sound. Always use an external microphone, preferably one you clip to the person’s shirt or jacket. So make sure you buy a camera that has an input for an external microphone. If you do this, your podcasts will look and sound professional.

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