How to make your slide shows stand out from the crowd

Have you noticed how many slideshows are using black as a background, at least for the opening slide?

You probably know Podium’s position on slideshows. Most of them are horrible. We’ve written before about banning bullets, and reducing the amount of information delivered by text.

So of course we’re delighted to see that more and more presenters are breaking free of the shackles of basic PowerPoint (and Keynote) templates.

White on black is a powerful look, and immediately brands your presentation as different. And you can differentiate yourself even more by using images rather than text to convey your message.

Let’s face it, people don’t go to a presentation just to read text on a screen. They go to hear a speaker challenge them, make them think, and offer a different perspective.

So trust yourself to deliver key information verbally.

Use slides to reinforce your points in a subtle, memorable – and visual – way.

If you are open to changing your slideshow format, check out Kit Seeborg’s blog ‘Your slideshow’s little black dress.’

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