How to perk up your presence

Halina St James posted this Blog from the National Speakers Association convention in Philadelphia.

Connie Dieken says the key to impressing people at that crucial first meeting is one quality: presence.

So if you want to show people that you are the real deal, and deserving of their trust, you need to understand the three varieties of presence.

  1. Inner presence. That’s how you feel about yourself. If you have too much inner presence you may be an egotist. Too little, and you may be perceived as a worrier.  Don’t confuse confidence with self-esteem.  Confidence is the expectation of a positive outcome; self-esteem is your vision of yourself.
  2. Verbal presence.  This is how you connect, convey and convince an audience.  It comes down to having something valuable to say. It’s not about being able, fluently, to recycle information. It is about bringing insight to a subject.
  3. Outer presence.  This is how you make people feel. You want to exude executive presence – yet still be genuine. Too little and you make yourself invisible. Too much and you come across as phony and disingenuous.

In other words, it’s all about authenticity. People need to believe in you before they will believe in your message.

I couldn’t agree more: that’s why authenticity is a big part of our presentation skills training.

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