How to survive in a fast-changing world

Halina St James reports from the CAPS conference in Montreal

Back from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers convention, with plenty to  chew over from all the amazing speakers I heard and met – like Dr. Graeme Codrington, Warren MacDonald and Dr. Sue Morter.

Dr. Graeme Codrington is an international speaker on future trends and the new world of work. His theme is the T.I.D.E.S. of change –  5 forces that will disrupt and change our world.

T – Technology-driven change. He says the biggest technological advances of the next decade will be how we deal with information.

I – Institutional change. Our institutions will be sponges for change. As Graeme said, “It doesn’t matter what you do different, as long as you do something different.”

D – Demography. With an increasingly aging population, change is inevitable.

E – Environment. Graeme says we only have to look at climate change to see the profound impact it has already.

S – Shifting Social Values.  With everything that’s happening in our world, our values are changing fast. According to Graeme, yesterday’s logic won’t work today. He says we are the first generation who haven’t been handed a script for our lives.

Dr Graeme Codrington (left), Halina and Warren MacDonald
Dr Graeme Codrington (left), Halina and Warren MacDonald

Warren MacDonald, from Australia, was forced to change. Warren was an avid climber. In a freak accident, he was trapped under a one ton-boulder up a mountain for 2 days. He lost both legs.

His choices were feeling sorry for himself, or carving out a new life. He chose not only to live to his fullest potential but also to help other do the same.

Warren did not limit himself. His perception of himself was not as a double amputee but as someone who can do whatever he wants. He still climbs mountains and is still having adventures.

His message is not to limit ourselves by how we see things. When we change the way we see the world, we change the world.

Halina and Dr Sue Morter
Halina and Dr Sue Morter

Dr. Sue Morter speaks on Quantum Science, Bio-energetics, Natural Healing and Human Potential. Sue says we are energy beings who have the capacity to change our world through our intentions and our thoughts.

She says the thinking world of mind is not the solution; rather, we should trust the world of feeling – using our energy and our instinct more fully.

Sue says the only thing we can really count on is that we are always changing. We are composed of particles and energy that are always in motion. And we are surrounded by energy fields. She believes if we access higher frequency energy patterns around us and within us, we can realize our true purpose in life.

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