Kill your objectives, save your audience

Of course I don’t mean kill your objectives for your presentation. I mean kill the objectives slide in your PowerPoint or Keynote slide show presentation. You know, the one that lists everything you’re going to do or say. Some people call it the agenda slide. Most people begin with it right after the title slide.

If you want to differentiate yourself from all those other boring slide show presenters you’ve had to endure, this is a great place to start.

Starting with the objective slide as your first slide is as boring as beginning a speech with ‘Thank you for inviting me. I’m so happy to be here today. I would like to talk about…’

When you are thinking about how to build a slide show presentation, change it up a little. Just like a speech, you should begin your slide presentation with a great hook. Grab the audience’s attention. Excite them. Make them learn forward and engage with you. Show them they’re in for an interesting session.

Instead of wasting the audience’s time telling them what you’re going to do, set the tone and pace of your presentation in the cleverest, most creative, way you can.

The audience will figure out the objectives pretty quickly.

Hooked on Story

“Stories are how we remember.
We tend to forget bullet points and lists.”

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