Do you have klout?

The first thing you notice about Gina Carr is her brilliant smile. Next you discover her social media brilliance. Gina was named to Brand Quarterly’s ’50 over 50 Marketing Thought Leaders’ List of 2014′. She’s full of great advice on using social media successfully. I attended one of her workshops recently. Here are a few of the nuggets I came away with:

  • Go to and get your Klout score. Klout evaluates your social media influence to see which network you’re most influential in.
  • The key to Twitter is to get your own hashtag. Make it part of your bio on Twitter. Gina says the hashtag is the most important communication tool in the world today.
  • Keep your Tweets under 120 character so people can re-tweet.
  • Facebook is really powerful if business-to-consumer is what you want. A business page is good but a personal page is better in terms of Klout.
  • Post on your business page in Facebook and share it on a personal page.
  • Gina says to be a Ninja-level social media whiz you should listen to what people are talking about, then respond. Create content.Then distribute it.

Check out Gina’s website and see if any of her ideas work for you. Social media can seem like a deep and murky pond. Some of us who are not yet fully immersed wonder if it really is a solution to our marketing ambitions.

Social media whizz Gina Carr with Halina St James
Social media whizz Gina Carr (left) with Halina at the CAPS Toronto Convention

Gina has no doubt. Ask her what the biggest marketing challenge of the next five years will be, and she’ll tell you: “How to get the attention of customers in a world where people are constantly bombarded with too much information.”

Ask for her top piece of advice for management/marketing professionals to make their social media presence as engaging as possible and she’ll tell you: “Choosing the right channels, engagement strategies, and offers.”

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