Lessons for us all from school for politicians

Podium's Halina St James with participants in the Campaign School
Podium's Halina St James (second right) with participants in the Campaign School

Women politicians are still the minority in all governments around the world. The Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women wants to change that. So they run an annual Campaign School. There women who want to enter politics learn everything about filling out nomination forms, campaign ethics, door knocking strategies, media skills – and, of course, presentation skills.

Podium’s Halina St. James coached the women on the speeches they would use to kick off their election campaign. The women worked in groups, each preparing a volunteer ‘candidate’ using the Talkitout™ Technique. Then the ‘candidates’ delivered their presentations in front of the whole room.

Two things consistently brought thunderous applause and cheers: passion and storytelling. When a ‘candidate’ told a story straight from the heart, they really connected with the audience – especially when the story was personal.

Politicians have to connect with their audience. That’s what helps get them votes.

It’s just as important for the rest of us to connect with our audiences. We may not want to get votes – but we do want buy-in to our vision and ideas.

So take a tip from the Campaign School – tell stories, straight from your heart.

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