Next time you say ‘I can’t do it’, think of Sam

Sam Johnston is a fighter. He fought his way to martial arts titles in his 20s. He was so good, he was all set to fly to South Korea to take a masters level taekwondo instructor course.

Then he found himself battling leukaemia. And his battle got even bigger. A stem cell transplant to treat the leukaemia and save his life began to attack his organs.

He couldn’t move his arms. He couldn’t walk. If he survived, doctors told him, he likely would never do martial arts again.

But Sam, who lives in New Brunswick, proved the doctors wrong. Six years after his cancer diagnosis, he competed in a taekwondo world championship in South Korea… and won a gold medal.

Last year he was invited back to South Korea to speak at a taekwondo world leadership conference. And Sam had another fight on his hands. He knew he needed to improve his public speaking skills. And he didn’t have much time.

He found the support he needed at Podium Coaching. We showed him the TalkitOut Technique. We taught him how to liberate his authentic voice. How to focus his thoughts into everyday words and short sentences. How to connect with the audience. How to tell his story. 

The result? His speech was a resounding success.

Not only did Sam deliver a great speech. He got the speaking bug. He says he was so inspired by our coaching that he is thinking of running for public office.

As a presentation skills coach, I couldn’t wish for a better testimonial. Or a braver student.