Out with the old, and let in new ideas

I cleaned out my office this month. It took four days. I got rid of a mountain of old dead files, two filing cabinets and various knickknacks that were just collecting dust.

I wound up with lots more space, a place for everything important and an office which is a delight to work in. You know the old saying – out with the old so the new can come in – or something along those lines. 

I feel energized because of this cleanup. In this newly energized office, my next objective is to rework some of my set content. Out with the way I’ve always done it. In with fresh new ideas.

So I encourage you to look anew at your office, or work habits, or training or sales pitch or speeches and presentations. Rework them with new energy and ideas. 

If you don’t have any idea, start by physically cleaning or reorganizing your office. And it doesn’t have to be a big massive cleanup. Do enough to let in new energy. It will spill over to other areas of you life. You will feel great and be happily more productive. Trust me.