Passion is key to connecting with audiences

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” – John Maxwell, Author

Passion is the single most important ingredient of any speech or presentation. You must be passionate when you speak. You must believe in what you say – or the audience won’t believe it.

Really, all speaking is acting.  It’s bringing your message to life with your words, body and feelings. To do that successfully you need to act out your speech to a certain extent, or it’s boring for the audience.

One professional speaker from South Africa talked about the team building lessons he’d learned by observing a pride of lions. To drive his points home, he stalked, crawled and leaped around the stage. His passion for his subject matter was evident in every movement and word.

“Stick to topics you care deeply about and do not keep your passion buttoned inside your vest. An audience’s biggest turn on is the speaker’s obvious enthusiasm.” – Tom Peters, Author

Leaping about a boardroom might seem a bit over the top.  And for most of us it is – unless we’re equating team building and a pride of lions. What we need to do is show our passion in a way that’s comfortable for us.

You need to be authentic. If you go over the top by overacting, the audience will know. You wind up losing credibility. But if there is no juice in your words, the audience will also know – and you will also lose credibility. So find your groove, find your passion and show it fearlessly.

Not everyone will share your passion. But if you believe in what you’re saying, the audience will respect your for it.

Stop writing; start talking

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