Pitching workshops focus on story

Can you use stories to get more business? Absolutely. This year Podium Coaching has introduced pitching workshops into its roster of courses. And story plays a vital part.

Most pitches follow a formula:

  • Name
  • Position within organization
  • Description of what company does

Everything in this pitch formula is about facts. It’s predictable. And it focuses on the speaker and the organization, rather than the benefits of the product or service.

We encourage people to look for a story or anecdote that will engage the audience more quickly than the name/title/description formula.

One of our clients has a company which works with children with reading disabilities. With Podium’s help, the client found a story:

How would you feel if you were six feet tall and you had to hide at the back of the classroom? Why are you hiding? Because you don’t want to be noticed. You don’t want the teacher to call on you. You don’t want anyone to know you can’t read. This is the story of David. There are hundreds of children like him who are not being taught to read properly. We have a solution.

Having grabbed the attention of her audience, now is the time for our client to introduce herself and her company.

When you begin pitches with story, it forces you to:

  • focus on benefits rather than process
  • get the audience leaning forward, rather than sitting back
  • weed out irrelevant information
  • distinguish yourself by being different

With story, you have a greater chance of being remembered. A greater chance of success.

So use story to become pitch-perfect.

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