Presentation Coaching: Greg’s Transformation

You are not like everyone else. Why would you want to sound like everyone else?

How do we learn to speak in public? Usually, by watching others. But you know that a lot of slide presentations are boring – because you’ve snoozed through them. And you know some speeches leave you struggling to understand what it was all about. So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you find your authentic speaking voice?

With Halina’s help, our client found his voice – the voice that was being stifled by a formula

Outgoing, gregarious, funny. Speaking in front of an audience should have been a cake-walk for our client. But he was hesitant. He seemed ill-prepared. And his audience certainly didn’t see his true personality.

  1. Step one was to stop writing his introduction as if it was an essay.
  2. Step two was to get him thinking about engaging the audience.
  3. Step three was to put it all together using the TalkitOut Technique – conversational, authentic, confident.

“With Halina’s engaging presentation style and the simple advice and instructions in the Talkitout technique, your presentation skills cannot help but be greatly enhanced.  Buy the book, and better yet, go take one of Halina’s sessions and learn directly from her.” – Nil d’Entremont