Presentation Coaching: Irene’s Transformation

Dump the jargon. It may be part of your business life – but it will spoil your presentations

Do you talk in code? If you use jargon in your speeches and presentations, there’s a good chance part of the audience will not understand. And if they can’t penetrate your jargon, they won’t comprehend your message.

With Halina’s help, our client let go of the jargon – and discovered she was a natural storyteller

Our client was a smart IT expert who worked with a small group of other smart IT experts. But when it came to promoting their new initiative to a decision-making group that was largely non-technical, she ran into trouble.

  1. Step one was to get the client thinking in terms of benefits rather than process.
  2. Step two was to help her find a metaphor for the concept she was trying to promote.
  3. Step three was to encourage her to find a conversational way of delivering the metaphor.

“Standing ovation 4 times. Thank you very much – you were a big part of my success.” – Milt Isaacs ACFO