Quicker access to more tools in new-look newsletter

If you are a subscriber to our monthly newsletter, you will have noticed something different in your inbox this morning.

We’ve given the newsletter a facelift.

(By the way, if you are not a subscriber yet you are missing a whole lot of tips on public speaking, how to build a presentation, and how to deal with the media. There’s a sign-up form on this page).

The big change is intended to help you find the resources you need, quicker.

We know you are busy, and have a lot of calls on your time. So we have shortened the articles, but provided a link to the full document, or a related White Paper, Briefing Sheet or Blog article.

The idea is to help you scan through for articles that affect you most directly, and give you the option of a synopsis, or a more comprehensive backgrounder than we’ve ever offered before.

This month we are offering tips on how journalists formulate those ‘tricky questions’ – and how you can deal with them. You can download a Briefing Sheet, which we’ve just added to our Resources Page.

But if you are not likely to find yourself talking to reporters, you can quickly skip to the article on how to keep speeches and presentations from running off the rails. If a presentation loses its way, it’s usually because we try to cram in too much information. The remedy is to clearly define the ‘controlling idea’.

The newsletter introduces the concept, and provides a link to a Briefing Sheet on the topic – for those who want to know more.

We want to give you easy access to the tools you need, whether you are wondering how to write a speech, how to build a presentation, or how to handle a media interview.

We also want the newsletter to reflect our approach to presentation skills training and media training – clear, direct, practical.

If you are not a subscriber, you can sample this month’s newsletter by clicking here. We hope that will encourage you to come back to this site and sign up. It’s free.

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