Rescued miners had media training

Claudio Yanez hugs his girlfriend after emerging from the rescue capsule

If you were a Chilean miner, just living your life, having a family, doing your job, would you ever in your wildest dreams imagine you would need media training? Probably not. Would you ever imagine asking for media training? Definitely not.

But “Los 33”, the Chilean miners trapped underground for 69 days, asked for media training while they waited to be rescued.

“Los 33” know their stories will be worth a lot of money. They’ve endured an unimaginable ordeal, surviving longer underground than anyone else in the history of mining accidents.  And they knew that when the rescue capsule delivered them, one by one, to the surface, everyone would want their stories.

So the miners asked for training. A journalist prepared them for the  questions the international media would ask after they were rescued. The goal was to get their story told quickly and clearly, with the miners feeling comfortable in the media spotlight.

They’re smart and well-prepared, not only with the help of a journalist but also a lawyer. They’ve signed a contract to split all the profits from their story.

After what they’ve lived through, I don’t think anyone will begrudge them a single cent.

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