Show your audience you care

by Halina St James

One of the biggest turn-ons for an audience is the speaker’s passion for their topic. Passion engages listeners and focuses their attention.

Passion doesn’t have to be boudoir-breathless. Everyone expresses passion differently according to their personality. You don’t have to be an extrovert to show how deeply you feel about something.

However the passion manifests itself, it’s transmitted directly to the audience.

Recently at one of my presentation skill workshops, a young man asked this question: “What do you do if you need to present something you’re not passionate about. Do you fake it?”

My answer is simple: absolutely not.

I would hope there is something in the presentation that you can get excited about. Even the driest exposition of facts usually concerns someone’s life and well-being. Try to see the person affected by your facts and figures. Connect with the beating heart of your subject and you can usually fire-up your enthusiasm.

If all else fails, then you really must excuse yourself from the presentation. If you don’t care about the topic, you shouldn’t be in front of an audience. The audience will detect your indifference, and your credibility will be ruined.

Do not try to fake it.

Halina St James was the keynote speaker in Truro

Halina (above) was a keynote speaker at a women’s wellness conference in Truro, NS, on Saturday. You can email Halina at


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