Sinister cult may be ruining your speeches

I’ve been brainwashed. And I believe you may have been brainwashed, too.

I suspect a lot of us belong to a cult – the cult of writing. And that’s great… if you are a writer. But if you are a speaker, or someone who makes a lot of presentations, belonging to the writing cult is a big problem.

We’ve been brainwashed by well-meaning teachers into preparing our speeches and presentations by sitting in silence at a note pad or keyboard… and writing.

In our silent, writerly bubble, we start to construct long, complicated sentences. Sometimes we dust-off some of the grander words that we’ve tucked away on the higher shelves of the store-room where we keep our vocabulary. We stash them on the high shelves because we don’t use them very often when we’re just chatting. But when we go into writing mode, well – that’s a different story.

We spend hours crafting and fretting over our sentences. We edit them with our eyes. Seldom if ever do we speak the words out loud as we write.

Finally, the moment of truth. We stand in front of the audience, we put our heads down – and we start to read out loud the words we crafted so carefully for our eyes… but never tested on our lips.

This does not serve your audience. And it stresses you out.

My TalkitOut Technique busts people out of the cult of writing. In TalkitOut, you speak first, before you write. You try the words out loud on your tongue, your lips, and your ears before committing them to the page. You hear how you will sound to your audience.

When you are satisfied with the words you hear, then and only then do you write them. In TalkitOut, every single word will be spoken before it is written.

So no more brainwashing. Leave writing to the writers. If you are a speaker and a presenter, start talking out your presentations. You’ll be surprised at the transformation.

Stop writing; start talking

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