Slow and steady wins the networking race

How do you network when you can’t leave the house? Michael Hughes knows how.

Michael Hughes is North America’s undisputed networking guru. For over 25 years he’s taught executives and professionals how to accelerate their careers and businesses through networking.

On a CAPS Atlantic Zoom call he shared valuable tips on networking for success without leaving home or getting out of your PJs. 

Here’s what you need to remember before you start:

  • Networking online is no different from a face-to-face networking
  • Begin with the end in mind. Define your objective. Is it revenue or trust-building or visibility etc? Be clear
  • Less is more. Don’t try to be all thing to all people
  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • Build relationships first

Michael shared his thoughts on some of the big things that get in our way:

  • Technology. We have to know platforms like LinkedIn, and use them
  • Emotion. There’s very little emotion in an electronic world. So we need to show our passion through our video clips and words
  • Fear. Don’t let it get in the way. Fear creates paralysis

Michael Hughes firmly believes we buy people first, ideas next and things last. So he suggests we should:

  • Re-ignite our existing connections on social media. Send timely articles. Write topical blogs. Send personal messages
  • Respond to invitations. If someone in LinkedIn asks you to connect, send them the following message ‘Thanks for reaching out. I’m honoured to be part of your LinkedIn Network. Wondering why you chose to connect with me?’ Now you’ve started a conversation that will lead to relationship-building
  • Reach out to people. Michael Hughes makes list of different industries he’d like to network with. He seeks out the people representing those industries on social media. Then he sends invitations to connect

The most important thing, according to Michael, is to keep networking consistently. Networking is a building process. Plan a part of your day, week or month to do this and watch your influence and business grow.