Three tips to improve your slide presentations

how to make more interesting slides

A dispiriting comment was shared by a client the other day. She said a boss called her about an upcoming meeting and said “I don’t have time to come to your presentation. Just send me your slide deck.” I was leading a workshop about ‘Presenting with Power’, and I was making the point that putting …

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Want to be a better speaker? Can you spare 4 minutes?

focus on speaking before writing

Yes, you still write it – but only after you have tested your words on your tongue and lips and ears. Speak before you write. Try the words for size. See what they sound like. Try variations. Only when you like what you hear can you write down the words. This is writing for the voice, not the eye.

Get an enforcer if you are serious about those resolutions

If you are a speaker or presenter, embrace silence. It helps your audience. And it helps you gather your thoughts without recourse to the ums and ers and other vocal tics we use to buy ourselves time for thought.

How to cure a Zombie presenter

Don't become a zombie presenter

This is a the scary tale of the Zombie presenter – and how he got cured. For the sake of this article, I’ll make him male, although there are just as many female Zombie presenters. The Zombie presenter appears in many business presentations. The Zombie presenter is wooden. He stumbles gracelessly from one sentence to …

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