Preparing a speech: are you a monk or a mutterer?

5 tips to help you write better copy

How do you prepare a speech or presentation? Are you a monk or a mutterer? In my experience a lot of people become monks when they settle down to write a speech. They take a vow of silence, retreat behind closed doors, and meditate in silence. They sit in silence at their keyboard They think …

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Presentation skills tip from Einstein

Einstein liked to talk his words out loud before he wrote them

Improve your presentation skills with this tip from Albert Einstein. Even with all his amazing brain power, there was something the 20th century genius admitted he had trouble with… writing. Einstein once said “I am the acoustic type. I learn by ear and give by word. Writing is difficult.” Yet his letters were easy to …

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A little humour goes a long way to make a message stick

humour can make a message memorable

I’m old enough to remember when you went to the movies, bought your ticket, got a bag of popcorn and sat down. You sat through a few previews. Then it was time for the main attraction. You watched the film and when it ended, you threw your garbage on the floor (just like that picnic …

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Podium helps Toastmasters celebrate anniversary

Congratulations to the members of the Sears-Halifax Toastmasters’ Club, who celebrated their 55th anniversary at the weekend. Podium’s Neil Everton was honoured to be keynote speaker, talking about how the TalkitOut™ Technique creates better speakers. He talked about the importance of speaking the script out loud, before you write it out. Here’s part of his …

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