Do words really count for only 7% of your message? We review the ‘Mehrabian myth’

The more your body language and tone of voice are out of sync with your words, the less likely the audience will truly hear, understand and be persuaded to act on your message.

Bedside manner is key to connecting with audience

by Halina St James Recently my mother, who’s 85, had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in her left lung. She’s one of the lucky ones whose cancer was discovered early, was slow growing and therefore easily removed. Plus, she had one of the best thoracic surgeons in Canada, Dr. Yaron Shargall. What struck my …

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Youthful masters of body language

What’s more difficult than communicating with words? Communicating through ballroom dance. If you’re the leader, you need to decide which move to make, find the right beat to start the move and place your partner in an area with enough room to execute the move. You have to do this in a split second without …

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