Creativity blossoms amid Covid crisis

Quinn's creativity helps health workers

Creativity is a silver lining during this dreadful pandemic. Just look at the impromptu musical performances from balconies in Italy and France, or the speed with which virtual concerts were put together to support front line workers, or the Zoom-coordinated ballet performances, or kids and parents (and pets) starring in home-made videos. And that creativity …

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Which butterfly stage are you at as a speaker?

release your creativity

A painting on a wall of a butterfly made me think of the good and not-so-good aspects of making a presentation or speech. When it goes well, we are the magnificent butterfly: delicate but powerful, spreading our wings and being the best we can be. But too often we don’t get to that stage. We …

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How speakers could benefit from a golden brain

finding happiness in public speaking

One of my favourite online personality tests is ‘Are You Left Brained or Right Brained?‘ It’s a free, fun quiz that tells you which part of your brain is dominant. Left brainers are logical, systematic, see the details, build the hardware. Right brainers are creative, free flowing, see the big picture, design the software. In …

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