Active listening is key to successful communication

active listening

“We have two ears and one mouth. That is probably because listening is twice as hard as talking.” (Anonymous)
The more you listen, the better you’ll speak. Listen not only to the words spoken by the other person, but also to the tone of those words and the body language used to express them.

Rushed delivery tells your audience you don’t care

speeches, like announcements, should not be rushed

Flight attendants rush and slur their way through them, as if they are an inconvenience they want to dispose of as quickly as possible. They massacre these announcements in French and English, Canada’s two official languages.

How to find that ‘presence’ that gives great speakers the edge

You can have technically excellent presentation skills – but still lack presence. Unleash your authenticity and you are well on your way to finding that game-changing quality that we recognise but find hard to define – presence.