Preparing a speech: are you a monk or a mutterer?

5 tips to help you write better copy

How do you prepare a speech or presentation? Are you a monk or a mutterer? In my experience a lot of people become monks when they settle down to write a speech. They take a vow of silence, retreat behind closed doors, and meditate in silence. They sit in silence at their keyboard They think …

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Don’t be a hostage to a careless introduction

Your introduction as a public speaker or presenter is too important to leave to chance. When you are sitting down to figure out how to write a speech or build a presentation, start by crafting an introduction. It will raise the whole speech to a higher level.

Tips to help you build better team presentations

tips for team presentations

When a group presentation works well, the members of the team support each other. So the fear of speaking public is decreased. Individuals can relax, knowing the success or failure of the presentation doesn’t rest wholly on their shoulders. However, if a group presentation is not planned and rehearsed well, you run the risk of failure.